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Otis the Otter: Save Some Water For Me!

90% of kids would rather give water to this guy than to their lawns.

Otis the Otter is the hero of Water4Otter — a live, in-school water conservation campaign created by the North Texas Municipal Water District (NTMWD). Since its November 2014 debut, Water4Otter has reached nearly 17,500 students through 110 performances across North Texas. Water4Otter was recently recognized by the Texas AWWA and WEAT with a 2015 Watermark Award for Communication Excellence.

Water4Otter is a comprehensive water conservation program that includes:

  • In-school presentations with campaign mascots Otis the Otter, Farah the Fox, and Bob the Bobcat.
  • Collateral material, including removable “Water Spotter” clings with water-saving tips.
  • Evaluation of program results through post-campaign student surveys.
Otis the Otter at Weatherford Elementary

Water4Otter Presentation

Youth-Driven Success in Water Conservation Efforts

History shows that engaging kids in issues like recycling and protecting animals is effective in elevating household discussion of cause-related issues. However, 2004 statewide research indicates only 28% of those surveyed know the natural source of their drinking water. The Water4Otter research for campaign development indicates that parents and children are not talking about water use at home.

The goal of Water4Otter is to get children to talk to their parents about water, and the program is a success! A 2015 post-campaign survey of 3,233 children showed that 78% of students who met Otis went home and reminded their parents to save water.

Tailor-Made to Your Budget, Your Water Source, Your Habitat

The Water4Otter program is now available to schools, Municipal Water Utility Districts, and other water providers and agencies. The affordable, scalable program can be implemented in your community in a matter of weeks — especially during peak consumption months. The campaign can perform Water4Otter presentations in schools, at day camps, and at family community events throughout the year.

We know that Otters, Foxes, and Bobcats aren’t the only critters that live in our waterways. So the Water4Otter program can be tailored to teach about the natural water source and wildlife in your area.

Get the children of your community talking about water conservation with Water4Otter.

Otis Throws First Pitch At Rough Riders Stadium

Winner, 2017 Blue Legacy Award

Blue Legacy Award Winner

Presenting at Water Day

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Thank You Note From a Student

Thank You Note From a Student